China Care Foundation Opportunities

China Care Foundation runs an annual summer volunteer program for all China Care Club members to volunteer in Beijing to gain hands on experience working with the orphaned children we are striving to help. To learn more about China Care Foundation please visit www.chinacare.org.

Other Opportunities

Helping Others Prosper through Empowerment (H.O.P.E.)
H.O.P.E. provides educational and emotional support for children in China's orphanages. The international non-profit organization strengthens the bonds between orphanage staff and children. H.O.P.E. empowers children who may not find their "forever homes," those that will grow up in, and grow out of, the orphanage, as well as improve the chances of adoption for the other children. H.O.P.E. is actively looking for students with an interest in making a difference in the lives of these forgotten orphans. Visit www.volunteerforhope.org to read about past volunteers' experiences.

Superkids: Improving Quality of Life for Orphans Worldwide
Founded by Janet Fink, a Duke University alum, Superkids sends therapists, physicians and volunteers worldwide to work with orphans. Their therapists and volunteers specialize in pediatric physical, occupational, speech, and play therapy. Their main purpose is to train caregivers to incorporate easy and fun therapy exercises into the daily orphanage routine. With the use of specialized therapy toys, they teach caregivers how to strengthen children's gross and fine motor muscles, improve their sensory integration, and build self-esteem.

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