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The Chorale performs several concerts during the school year; the links above contain recordings from concerts over the last few years, recorded live courtesy of Vochor. Pieces from each year's repertoire are compiled, every four years or so, onto a CD. Several CDs are available, including Sing Joyfully, a recently released CD containing recordings from 2001-2005. You can hear samples of these at the link above; they can be purchased for $15 through Chorale director Rodney Wynkoop.

Chapel Choir

Chapel Choir is the main musical group for the Duke Chapel's Sunday morning services. They perform various concerts throughout the year, most notable of which is their yearly rendition of Handel's Messiah. More information about the Chapel Choir can be found on their website. The Chorale often performs collaborative works with them: the combined group performed Sergei Rachmaninoff's All-Night Vigil at the Duke Chapel in April 2007.

Spring Tour 2005

Spring Tour is where most Choraleans spend their Spring Break each year. The Chorale takes its repertoire on the road, usually within the United States, but also internationally every 4 years. The Chorale has toured England, Austria, China, Russia, Poland and other overseas venues, most recently Puerto Rico. Upon returning to Durham, the Chorale performs a tour concert in Baldwin Auditorium on East Campus that is recorded live.

Chamber Choir

The Chamber Choir is a 12-24 voice subgroup within the Chorale. This group rehearses an extra hour each week and performs 1-3 extra works, either during normal concerts or as a separate concert.

Christmas Caroling

Christmas is celebrated by the Chorale with an early December concert in Duke Chapel. Singers perform more than a dozen short Christmas pieces, ranging from audience-accompanied traditional carols to Chrismas compositions both old and new. The repertoire varies from year to year, but every year admission is a simple suggested donation of one non-perishable food product. This past year the Chorale collected over 1500 cans of food for the Durham Rescue Mission. The Christmas concert is the Chorale's most attended concert, often filling the Chapel to capacity.

Chorale Albums

Albums are produced by the Chorale every 4-5 years, representing several pieces from each year. Samples from these recordings are provided on the website, but purchase is only available by mail-order or pickup from Dr. Wynkoop.