Center News:

July 2003: Professor Reichert director of the Faculty Center for Biomolecular and Tissue Engineering, supports the initiative of Center for Integrated Education, Research, and Development (CIERD)



Center Mission:

The mission of the Center is to foster effective interaction, collaboration and intellectual exchange between students from various departments at Duke University and to facilitate integration of different educational and research fields. CIERD was proposed to serve students interested in multidisciplinary research and how such research can contribute to new product design, state of the art disease treatment, environmental safety, economic growth, and societal development Read more


Center Projects:

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    Center Structure:

    2004-2005 Executive board

    The structure of the center is in the process of formation. The positions at the executive board will be announced soon

    Departments coordinator  
    Chair for Communications  
    Chair for Strategic planning  
    Web designer  

    2004-2005 Department representatives




    Advisory board


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