Duke University with its variety of Programs and talented people with different background is the right place for interdisciplinary research. RTP, which is the largest reserach park in the world with over 100 R&D companies, is in turn a highly developed center for the high-tech industries. We acknowledge the tight link between industry and academia which together facilitate to to new product design, state of the art disease treatment, environmental safety, economic growth, and societal development

Center is looking for for productive co-operation with businesses and organizations outside its academic walls. We have some ideas for projects which can have mutual interests for both members of our Center and research based companies. Research expertise of student from various departments and their joint team work can produce research based solutions and innovations. Furthermore as the Center starts it development it can help employers to find the right specialists


By opening the door to our intellectual capital, we are able to reach out with our great wealth of knowledge and research to the benefit of society. This also enables us to keep pace with developments, expectations and demands in the world around us.