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Duke students and faculty know that the learning experience is not confined to the classroom.  In recent years, students have become increasingly interested in becoming involved in the larger community, from Durham and local neighborhoods to nearby and more distant states, and to other countries.  This involvement has generally taken place through curricular options and extracurricular activities and has evolved to include a variety of service and research opportunities within the community context.  These activities play an important role in the mission of our institution, which is devoted to liberal arts education that will help prepare graduates to be well-informed, active participants in a democratic society.

The following includes some of the ways Duke students and faculty can expand their learning experiences into the community.  This list is sponsored by Scholarship with a Civic Mission, a collaborative program between the Kenan Institute for Ethics and the Hart Leadership Program.  If you know of a program or other opportunity at Duke that should be on this list, please write to

Civic Scholarship Across the Curriculum

Other Opportunities for Civic Engagement

Selected student organizations

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