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All communications to the Editor should be sent to:

Kent J. Rigsby, GRBS
Dept. of Classical Studies
Duke Univ. 90103
Durham, North Carolina, 27708, U.S.A.

Significant research articles are invited on all aspects of the Greek world from prehistoric antiquity through the Hellenic, Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine periods, including studies of modern classical scholarship. Articles concerned primarily with Latin are excluded. Only in unusual cases can manuscripts longer than 30 pages (ca 10,000 words) or shorter than 4 be considered. Manuscripts should be typed, including citations in Greek, in double-space (text and footnotes). GRBS accepts submissions on diskette or by email attachment. Manuscripts submitted without indication of authorship will be refereed anonymously. GRBS does not review books.

For abbreviations in footnotes, GRBS follows the usage described in the American Journal of Archaeology 90 (1986) 384-394 (also on-line), and for ancient and Byzantine authors and titles, the practice of the Oxford Classical Dictionary 3rd ed. (Oxford 1996) xxix-liv, A Patristic Greek Lexicon ed. G. W. H. Lampe (Oxford 1961) xi-xlv, and the Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium (Oxford 1991) I xx-xlv; references to papyri should conform to the abbreviations listed in John F. Oates et al., Checklist of Editions of Greek Papyri and Ostraca. Contributors are requested to observe these usages in preparing their manuscripts.