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Duke University Class of 2001, Durham - North Carolina
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Welcome to the Class of 2001 Online!

ArchwayJunior Year Begins!

I know you never thought you'd make it through Orgo last year, but here we are in our Junior Year. A lot has changed for the Class of 2001 since last year: everybody's finally been forced to choose a major from all of the many options, and none of us are living in Trent! Now over halfway through our undergraduate careers, we begin to make plans for the next step. This is the year that many of us will take the MCAT, GRE, LSAT, GMAT or any other of the alphabet soup of tests that will allow us to continue our education for a few more years. Others will be looking to get an internship or other valuable experience to make the job hunt of Senior year a little less intimidating.

But in the midst of all these heavy thoughts, we want to have some fun, too, right? With all of those freshman and sophomore weed-out courses done with, we can now concentrate on getting into our majors and really learning what we're interested in. And of course, there's always the usual raft of excellent sports teams to help us take our minds off the midterms and papers and projects, oh my! But of course, there's not a game every day, so the Class of 2001 officers and class council are here to fill those empty hours with fun programming, interesting events, and community service projects. Explore the site to see what we've got planned so far, and if there's something you'd like to do but don't see, let one of the officers or council members know!

If you need some help in deciding what to do with your future, you can check out the Alumni Mentoring Program.

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