The Duke CMDA E-mail List

If you would like to receive information about our chapter events, you can sign on to the Duke CMDA e-mail list serve. To subscribe, go to , login (i.e. enter NetID/email address and PW), and click on "subscribe" in the lower left corner (very small print).  Please, Please, Please be sure to click on "subscribe" in the lower left corner (even if it says you are subscribed to the CMDA list serve, you aren't subscribed until you click subscribe in the lower left corner) To unsubscribe, go to, click on "Unsubscribe" in the lower left corner, and enter the email address through which you receive CMDA emails.

Note that this is a private list, so people cannot send random spam email to it. For this reason, you will not be able to post to it either.

Duke CMDA Facebook Group

Ever wonder who the Duke/UNC guy/gal is who you always say hi to at large group meetings (aka TCMF Saturday Meetings), but have no idea what his/her name is?  You've probably asked this individual his/her name at least 3 times, but that long-term memory of yours is already filled with medical knowledge, and for some reason this new friend's name just won't stick.  Well, Facebook is our answer to this issue (at least for now).  If you're a member of Duke's CMDA, consider joining the "Duke CMDA" group.  At the very least it will aid your leaders in placing a name with a face, and also give you a chance to learn some background info on other CMDA folks.


CMDA Tear off Flyer  : These flyers were created to serve as a medium for students, residents, fellows and attendings to learn about CMDA, so please post them throughout your meeting areas.

Lake Hyco Flyer : Click the link to left to download a flyer with information and directions pertaining to our semi-annual Lake Hyco Retreat