Helpful hints

  • Seek God's purpose for your participation in medical missions. Specifically, seek Him in finding a medical preceptorship.
  • Start planning early.
  • Investigate funding sources.
  • Look into different mission organizations.
  • Communicate with your preceptor about time, living conditions, expectations, costs required by you, travel arrangement, travel arrangement, immunuzations, etc.
  • Talk to other CMDA members who have worked in your proposed missionary setting.
  • Look over information on medical missions available from Med Send or your own medical school.

Funding sources

  • Your own church (consider giving a talk about your experiences after the mission)
  • Your denomination (for example the Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board)
  • CMDA
  • MAP/Reader's Digest
  • The Duke Chapel
  • Your Dean (The UNC Dean's Office has some funding for student rotations, and Duke has the Davison Scholarship).
  • the International Medical Student Studies Program of the American Medical Association's Department of Medical Student Services

Mission organizations (in no particular order)

Travel information

Mission organizations of some Duke/UNC CMDA members 

If you're involved in a particular ministry and would like to be a contact person contact Ellis or email us (dukecmda@gmail.com)