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What We Learned

  • Data mining can be used for many of our program areas, especially marketing clusters
  • Future donors will be demanding interdisciplinary programs to support
  • Annual Fund participation is down everywhere
  • Staff new to industry learned about development
  • New appreciation of architecture of campaign
  • Good communication key in a crisis
  • Prospect management reports
  • New ideas on Annual Fund challenges
  • More opportunities for fundraising through affiliations
  • Prospect rating benchmarking
  • Marketing the stewardship program
  • Revisit organizational structure: is it meeting our needs today
  • Interdisciplinary fundraising is the future: must adjust model
  • Seventy percent of corporate giving is from non-philanthropic budgets
  • Challenges can be effective in stimulating annual giving, but plan for how to handle donations which will be unmatched after the challenge
  • Identify top 30 - 40 staff and develop individualized professional development plans-meetings with senior development managers
  • Crisis management: how to handle potentially harmful news
  • Emerging technologies
  • Data mining techniques
  • Effective communication with colleagues and those you supervise
  • Foundation updates
  • Infrastructure at other universities
  • Importance of collaboration

Flood Gates Winners

Optomistic University

Congratulations to Optimistic University, winners of our Flood Gates activity!
The Optimistic team leader was Matt Ter Molen from Northwestern. Matt's team members included: Julie Allen, George Dorfman, Joe Tynan, Virginia Guilfoile, Laura Eastwood, Brian Eder, and Susan Glenn, from Duke; Allen Rosso and David Ford from Chicago; Candice Hoffman, Phil Campbell, and Susan Plassmeyer from Washington University; Heidi Tracy from Carnegie Mellon; Eileen Fader from Johns Hopkins; and Katie Cervenka and Kelly Quin from Rice.

Congratulations to Hope University, winners of both Wrench Awards!
The Hope team leader was Ellen Medearis from Duke. Ellen's team members included: Chris O'Neill, Jenny Jones, Cynthia Baker, and Hesper Linger from Duke; Andy Sudol and Emily Abbott form Caltech; Karen Rubinsky from Rice; Gwen Jessen and Tony Englert from University of Chicago; Fritz Schroeder from Johns Hopkins; Sarah Fodor from Northwestern; Mark Weinrich, Liz Cheves, and Rebecca Davolt from Washington University in St. Louis; and Mara Barker, Lisa Drake, and Bill Swisher from Carnegie Mellon.