Processional Instructions

procession2The Commencement Exercises will be held in Wallace Wade Stadium on Sunday morning, May 13, 2012.

When and where to line up:

Candidates for degrees ASSEMBLE NO LATER THAN 8:45 AM on the football practice field (located behind the Wallace Wade Stadium scoreboard).  LATE ARRIVALS will not be able to march with fellow graduates.  Students should line up double file according to their school and degree.  All Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree candidates assemble on the West Side of the Practice Field and all other degree candidates assemble on the East Side.  Please refer to the Practice Field Line Up diagram for the approximate position of your degree on the field.  Marshals will be available to assist you. 

No food, drink, smoking or chewing gum allowed on the Practice Field.

How to access the Practice Field:

PLEASE NOTE:  The Practice Field may be accessed ONLY ON THE EAST SIDE of Wallace Wade Stadium.  If you park (or are dropped off) on the West or North side of Wallace Wade, please allow extra time to walk around to the East side of the Stadium.

Inside the stadium - students may access the Practice Field at the South end of the East Concourse.

Outside the stadium from Blue Zone Parking - students may access the Practice Field by following the paved walking path, which begins outside the East Gate entrance of Wallace Wade and runs South along the fence.

Signs will mark the paths and entrances.  Marshals and Official Staff will provide assistance.  Please refer to the Wallace Wade Stadium diagram for additional information.


Instructions for the Line of March:

Promptly at 9:20 a.m., the degree lines on both the East and West side of the Practice Field will begin to move into Wallace Wade to a designated point on the track.  The formal procession will begin at 9:30 a.m. Students will march double file on the track to the student seating area.  The lines will then divide left and right for seating as instructed by the marshals. (Students who wish to sit together should line up behind the other for the march.) Students should remain standing until the platform party is seated after the National Anthem and the Invocation.

What to wear:

Candidates for degrees should dress in academic apparel (cap, gown and hood).  Academic caps are worn during the procession.  Men hat tossremove their caps for the National Anthem and the invocation and replace them for the conferring of degrees.  Women keep their caps in place during the entire Commencement Ceremony. The tassel of the academic cap is worn always on the left side front.  Please note low heels or flats are appropriate for navigating the track and field.  SPIKED HEELS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE TRACK.

After the Ceremony:

When the exercises are concluded and the platform party and members of the faculty and administration have departed, graduates are then free to proceed to the locations where diplomas are to be distributed. Graduates should leave Wallace Wade via the stadium steps.