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The following faculty members at Duke University are the founding members (in alphabetical order) of the Center (all founding members are authorities in their fields, and more than half are internationally well-known leading scholars):

Professor Charlie Becker

       Population economics; pension and social security system

Professor Robert DeLong

       Medical and public health issues in developing nations, including China;

Professor Tom DiPrete

       Comparative labor markets;

Professor Bai Gao

       Comparative and historical development of social and economic institutions;

Professor Gary Gereffi

       World socio-economic developments and industial networks;

Professor Linda George 

       Social and behavioral sciences on aging, Sociology, Gerontology;

Professor Allen Kelley

       Economic demography and economic development;

Professor Ken Land

       Demographic methods and analysis;

Professor Nan Lin

       Institutional transformations in Mainland China and Taiwan;

Professor Kang Liu

       Polities and ideology of Chinese media, Chinese culture;

Professor Marjorie McElroy

       Labor economics and economics of the family;

Professor Ken Manton

       Demographic analysis of aging, health trends, and demographic methods;

Professor Phillip Morgan

       Comparative demography and demography of the family;

Associate Professor Emerson Niou

       Democratization processess on Mianland China and Taiwan;

Associate Professor Tianjian Shi

       Political culture and political institutions in China;

Professor James W Vaupel

       Demographic analysis and methods on aging, health, and longevity;

Assistant Professor Dennis Yang

       China's labor markets and economic development; 

Professor Zeng Yi

       Chinese population aging, health, policy studies, and family demography;

Professor Xueguang Zhou

       Institutional development and transformation on contemporary China;

Chinese Populations and Socioeconomic Studies Center (CPSES) at Duke University

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