Crowell Quad Contacts


Quad Council Members:


Karl Wang is a Trinity senior. He resides on the third floor of Crowell G and serves his fellow dorm mates as the President, organizing events and running meetings. He also writes and updates the website.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about Crowell Quad, please email Karl Wang, or simply swing by room G307.

Vice President:

Julian Xu is a Trinity sophomore who also serves on c/o 2010's Class Council. He is in charge of organizing and running meetings in Karl's absence.

Communications Coordinator:

Diana Hancock is a Trinity sophomore who also participates in DUMB (Duke University Marching Band). She records minutes at Quad Council meetings and emails Quad Council with updates.


Cindy Ye is a Trinity sophomore. She keeps Crowell Quad's finances in order so we can maximize our value in event planning.

RA Representatives: Crowell Quad has 9 RA's, and each one has one RA Rep. If you wish to give input to Quad Council on quad improvements, programming ideas, etc, please contact your RA Rep. The Reps are:

  • Haolan Cai
  • Daniel Certner
  • Charles Chen
  • Rui Chen
  • Anumeha Goel
  • Kyu Min Lee
  • Amee Patel
  • Trisha Saha
  • Divya Yerramilli