Speaker Biographies

Prof. Ebrahim Moosa
Associate Professor, Department of Religion
Duke University

Ebrahim Moosa joined Duke University in the fall of 2001.With interests in Islamic thought, especially Islamic law, ethics, theology and critical theory Ebrahim Moosa is associate research professor in the department of religion and co-director of the Center for Study of Muslim Networks. Prior to Duke he spent three years 1998-2001 as visiting professor at Stanford University, California and prior to that he taught at the University of Cape Town in his native South Africa.

Currently he is finishing a manuscript called: A Poetics of Imagination: Ghazali and the Construction of Muslim Thought that explores the ideas of one of the foremost thinkers of medieval Islam. Another book in the making is provisionally titled After Empire: Rethinking Islam in (Post) Modernity. Here he explores the major ethical questions that a tradition-in-the making like Islam experiences in a rapidly changing world, where Muslims are located in different settings and face new and extraordinary challenges. The political and historical settings against which Islam functions in the modern world is carefully addressed in this work and how what kinds of resources the tradition offers and what kinds of responses would be appropriate. He also edited and wrote an introduction to the last manuscript of the late Professor Fazlur Rahman, Revival and Reform in Islam: A Study of Islamic Fundamentalism (Oxford: Oneworld, 2000), a work that explores the intellectual history on which modern Islamic fundamentalism basis its claims. Moosa has worked extensively in the field of Islamic thought, rethinking Islam in modernity and has met with foremost thinkers, activists and role-players in the Muslim world. He also has had extensive experience in collaborating in human rights causes in the anti-apartheid struggle and he is considered to be among the foremost figures of a new generation of Muslim thinkers.

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