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John Terborgh, Ph.D.

Duke University
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Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences

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Ongoing Research Projects:

1. Dynamics, forest growth, seeds dispersion and light measurement at Manu National Park and Manu Biosphere Reserve (John Terborgh)

2. Behavior and Ecology of the Giant Otter (Pternonura brasiliensis) in Oxbow Lakes of Manu National Park, Peru ( Lisa Davenport)

3. The role of pathogens in determining plant distribution in Lowland Amazonia, Manu National Park, Peru (Patricia Alvarez)

4. A long-term basin-wide ontogenetically integrated study of forest regeneration dynamics and effects of defaunation in Madre de Dios, Peru (Varun Swamy)

5. On large-scale patterns of distribution and diversity in the South American flora (Nigel Pitman)

6. Mammalian ecology and conservation in South America (Renata Leite)

7. Impacts of megaherbivores on the structure and dynamics of African Forests (John Terborgh and Lisa Davenport)

8. Ecology, reproduction, and behavior of the Congo Clawless Otter (Aonyx congicus) in Ivindo National Park, Gabon (Lisa Davenport)

9. Ecology and migration of the Orinoco Goose (Neochen jubata) in Manu National Park, Peru (Lisa Davenport)


Photo: Angelica Garcia