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Members may submit their request in Spanish or English to the listserv moderator, who shares it in turn with listserv subscribers. All CSC members are eligible to subscribe.

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Bulletin Board

Like the listserv, the bulletin board offers a forum for diverse announcements on Cuba, including job postings, conference announcements and calls for papers, bibliographic resources, requests for collaboration, and events listings. Bulletin board postings often contain more detail than those circulated via the listserv, however, and remain posted for up to two months.

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Programmatic Consultation

Programming on Cuba presents many challenges, from investigating the range of opportunities already available to securing the necessary licenses and visas to enable international travel. The CSC brings to these challenges an extensive base of knowledge and experience in developing and implementing academic and cultural programs on Cuba. Furthermore, it shares this knowledge with members by providing free consulting services for individual program development. Institutions taking advantage of these services need not reinvent the wheel, since the CSC offers both programmatic guidance and administrative support in such areas as licensing and visas, course offerings, and program organization and development.

If you would like to discuss program development with CSC staff, please contact to set up a time for a telephone conference. [ top ]

News Services

Wide coverage of Cuba news by independent press agencies and freelance journalists. Includes extensive searchable archives.

Granma Internacional
Official newspaper of the Cuban Communist Party. 

Granma Archives Index Online
Searchable online index to the above.

Juventud Rebelde
Publication of the Union of Communist Youth.

Miami Herald Cuba Index
Current Cuba news stories with searchable archives and links to other Cuba-related sites.

El Nuevo Herald Cuba Index
Spanish-language section of the Miami Herald. Link to Cuba includes current articles and feature archives on Elián González and Cuban espionage in Florida.

Pacifica Radio
Includes new links to "New Take on Cuba," an archive of Pacifica news and features on the Elián González saga, and a report from Saul Landau on the 40th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs.

Prensa Latina's Cuba Internacional
Bimonthly journal on a wide range of Cuba issues published by Prensa Latina.

Radio Habana Cuba
Contains current news and searchable audio and text archives from RHC programming 1997-present.

Radio and TV Martí
Contains extensive audio, video and text files on current Cuba news.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Link to Cuba includes message board and weekly "Cuba notebook" column by Havana correspondent.

Washington Post World's Cuba
Includes an extensive listing of recent AP stories on Cuba, as well as those published in the Post.  [ top ]

Database Links

See also: Scholarly Resources, News Services and Traveler's Notes

From the U.S.
University of Texas' LANIC-Cuba
Perhaps the best collection of comprehensive, up-to-the-minute links on Cuba available on the internet. 

The Georgetown University Caribbean Project's Cuba Program
Also an excellent and balanced collection of both scholarly and general interest resources.

Cuba MegaLinks
Comprehensive collection of Cuba links on all topics.

From Cuba
Contains general interest "channels" linking to established websites on diverse topics. 

Cuba.Cu, "El Portal de Cuba"
Official website of the Cuban government contains information and multiple links on such general topics as politics, business, education, media, health and tourism.

Directories of Organizations Working with Cuba in the U.S.

A published directory is also available from Florida International University's Cuban Research Institute. [ top ]

Travelers Notes

As a service to individuals from member institutions traveling to Cuba, this section offers information of interest to travelers to Cuba and the US. 

If you would like to make a submission, please send an email to

Traveler's Chat:

Lonely Planet's Destination Cuba Thorn Tree
Lonely Planet's Cuba edition online includes the Thorn Tree, an active bulletin board for Cuba travelers. Much useful information is contained in the site's FAQ.

CubanoNet's "Share Your Cuban Experience" (aka, the "Green Screen")
Forum popular with frequent and long-term travelers to Cuba. 

CubanoNet's General Message Board

General Advice and Information:

AfroCubaWeb's "Traveling to Cuba"
Overall good summary of diverse travel issues, including visas, airlines, money and packages, and travel agents.

TimeOut's "Havana: The Living Guide"
Online resources from the TimeOut Guide to Havana & the Best of Cuba. Includes excellent resources on dining and entertainment.

Lonely Planet's Destination Cuba
Online version of Lonely Planet's widely referenced Cuba edition. 

Casas Particulares Online
The central site for viewing and reserving casas particulares online. Includes a restaurant guide and general travel tips.

Services for Travelers:

QuickCash Cuba
Courier and money wiring service.

Debit card service for money transfers to Cuba.

Antillas Express
Courier and money wiring service.

Cell phone service in Cuba.

Health and travel insurance for Cuba travelers.
Online mail / e-mail service specializing in Cuba communications.

Travel Agencies:

In the U.S.
Marazul Tours
U.S. travel agency books direct charter flights for licensed travelers from Miami, New York and Los Angeles. A list of continually updated professional congresses and events is also available.

Tico Travel
U.S. travel agency specializing in travel to Central America and Cuba books direct charter flights for qualifying travelers from Miami, Orlando, New York and Los Angeles.

*Any U.S. travel agency booking travel to Cuba must be an OFAC-authorized travel service provider (TSP). Click here for a more extensive list (PDF format).  Before confirming flights, these providers require travelers to sign an affidavit affirming their belief that they qualify under one of the approved license categories (journalist, student, professional researcher, attending a conference, etc.).

In Cuba
Gaviota Tours
Cuban state travel agency offering both tour packages and custom trips / events planning.
Online travel agency based in Havana offering standard travel services (tours, trip insurance, etc.). 

Go Cuba Plus
Online British travel agency with offices in Havana. Includes general information and tips on traveling to Cuba, as well as standard services. 

In Canada
Intercontinental Travel Bureau
Canadian travel agency offering packages, reservations and other travel services. Includes features on major cities and current prices on airfares and lodging.

A. Nash Travel
Canadian travel agency's site provides extensive information on departure cities, hotel prices, carriers and flight times, as well as general information on traveling to Cuba.

U.S. Licensing and Legal Issues:
OFAC's "Cuba Sanctions Program - Guidelines and Information"
Site maintained by the organ of the federal government responsible for the enforcement of embargo-related travel restrictions. Includes full description of categories for licensed travel, as well as a list of U.S. travel agents authorized to book travel to Cuba.

U.S.-Cuba Trade and Economic Council's "Who Can Visit the Republic of Cuba"
Succinct summary of OFAC regulations regarding travel to Cuba by U.S. citizens.

AAAS Science and Human Rights Program's "The Right to Travel, A Clearinghouse of Information on Scientific and Academic Travel between Cuba and the US"
Site provided by the American Association for the Advancement of Science includes comprehensive legal information for U.S.-Cuba travelers. AAAS also provides assistance with visa and license requests for academic and scientific travelers between the U.S. and Cuba.

Global Exchange's Cuba Campaign
Excellent summary of U.S.-Cuba travel restrictions and their legal status. News updates on embargo-related policy events can also be found at:

Study Tours from the U.S.:
The Latin America Working Group maintains online a partial list of organizations who sponsor licensed travel to Cuba through the educational and cultural exchange categories of U.S. law. [ top ]


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