Check it out: Men in Nursing, Inside Duke Medicine - October, 2008




The purpose of DAAMN is to provide a forum for Duke University students, alumni, faculty and staff to meet, discuss, and influence factors which affect men as nursing students and as licensed nurses, and to provide mentoring and leadership experiences to nursing students.

Our mission is to be the acknowledged Duke University organization for men in nursing and to support the mission of the American Assembly for Men in Nursing (AAMN) to influence policy, research and education about men in nursing.

Our Objectives include:

  • Create a network of people who desire to further the participation of men in all aspects of professional nursing practice within the Duke University Health System (DUHS).
  • Support men who are nursing students and licensed nurses to grow professionally and demonstrate the increasing contributions of men in the nursing profession within DUHS.
  • Serve as role models of professional nursing through community outreach and service.
  • Provide formal and informal networking and mentorship opportunities between nursing students and licensed nurses within DUHS to support members’ full participation in the nursing profession and its organizations.
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