Research Team


The project has been designed and is implemented by a group of doctoral students in Duke University’s political science program under the direction of Herbert Kitschelt, George V. Allen Professor of International Relations. It is implemented in Latin America by a team of researchers under the supervision of David Altman and Juan Luna. Their profiles can be accessed here.


Herbert Kitschelt
Principal Investigator

Herbert Kitschelt is George V. Allen Professor of International Relations in the Department of Political Science at Duke University. He has conducted research on parties and party competition in established Western democracies, Postcommunist Eastern Europe, and Latin America, documented in numerous books and articles.
Email Address:
Personal website at Duke University

Sejung Ahn
Rep. of Korea
Sejung is a first-year graduate student from the Republic of Korea. She is interested in welfare state politics.
Country: Republic of Korea

Christina Corduneanu-Huci
Cristina is a fourth-year PhD student in Political Science at Duke. She is originally from Romania where she was trained in economics and international political economy. Her research interests include democratic consolidation, state capacity, political economy of developing countries and interest mobilization under different regime types.
Countries: Belgium, France, Italy, Moldova, Romania, Senegal

Marco Antonio Fernandez
Marco Fernandez is a PhD candidate. Before going to graduate school he worked in the Mexican senate and as guest lecturer at ITAM in Mexico City.  He is currently working on his dissertation in which he focuses on the political determinants of education spending and its allocation among the different education levels in Mexico.  During the last year he worked in the Policy Analysis Unit of the Mexican Presidency.  You can contact him at
Countries: Spain and Philippines

Kent Freeze
Kent comes from Alberta, Canada and is currently in his second year in the political science PhD program. He has substantive interests in Chinese politics and the political economy of developing countries.
Country: Canada

Kiril Kolev
Kiril Kolev is a third-year graduate student at the Political Science Department at Duke. He is originally from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Economics from Whittier College in Whittier, CA. His research interests focus on the effect of multinational organizations on domestic politics. In this project, he is responsible for website design, data management and online support, in addition to being a country manager.
Countries: Australia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, New Zealand, Sweden, United Kingdom

Dan Kselman
United States
Dan is a 7th year graduate student with specializations in comparative politics and formal theoretic methodology. His dissertation addresses patterns of political party competition in Turkey and the broader Middle East.

Damon Palmer
United States
Damon Palmer is originally from New Mexico in the southwestern United States, but has had a peripatetic background, living at different points of his life in Bangladesh, California, London, and New York city. He is currently a sixth-year student in the Phd program and is interested in the political economy of liberalization and globalization and in political parties and party systems.
Countries: Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

Jan Pierskalla
Jan is a first-year graduate student. His fields of Interest include Comparative and International Political Economy and Methods.
Country: Mauritius

Sinziana Popa
Sinziana Popa is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science at Duke University. She has received a M.A. in Economics at Duke University and a B.A. degree from the American University in Bulgaria. Her dissertation research analyzes national policies governing the operations of foreign companies in transition economies. You can contact her at
Countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Kenya.

Philipp Rehm
Philipp Rehm is a PhD candidate at the Political Science Department at Duke University. He holds a Master's degree from the University of Tuebingen in Germany. His research interests include political economy and political behavior. Philipp's dissertation explores the determinants of social policy preference and the interaction of citizen preferences and social policymaking. For more details, see his website at
Countries: Austria, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Switzerland.

Gustavo Rodriguez
Costa Rica
Gustavo was born and raised in San José, Costa Rica. He majored in Economics and worked in strategy and product development for two U.S. companies conducting business in Latin America before earning an MBA and an MA in International Relations at Yale University. In the last five years prior to coming to Duke, he was on Wall Street where he worked at the New York Stock Exchange in the International Department, developing sales pitches to non-U.S. companies that were seeking to “go public” on the world’s largest stock market. In this position, he worked primarily with Latin American corporations. These transactions led to a deeper interest in the joint politics of democratization and privatization in developing countries, as well as the mechanics of market-based reform and international trade agreements. Gustavo’s home region of Central America is undergoing just one such variety of commercial and political reorganization under the CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement), which he is researching now. At Duke he is a student of the comparative political economy of development and trade.

Arturas Rozenas
Arturas is a graduate student at Duke University, interested in comparative politics and political methodology.
Countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Mattew Singer
United States
Matthew Singer (PhD, Duke) is an assistant professor of political science at the University of Connecticut. His work primarily focuses on electoral behavior and public opinion with an emphasis on questions of electoral accountability and economic voting. He has done fieldwork in Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, and Peru and his work has been published in Electoral Studies, Comparative Political Studies, and the Development Policy Review.
Countries: Denmark and Norway, Latin America (supporting Juan Luna and David Altman).

Lenka Siroky
Czech Republic
Lenka is originally from Prague, the Czech Republic, where she was trained in political sociology. After that, she lived and studied in Budapest, Chicago and Boston before coming to Duke. She is interested in democratic consolidation in formerly communist countries. She is writing a dissertation about radical right parties and populism in Eastern Europe. Her web page is:
Countries: Albania, Czech Rep., Israel, Mozambique, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine.

Yi-ting Wang
Yi-ting is a first year graduate student from Taiwan. She is primarily interested in political participation and political culture.
Countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, and Taiwan.