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Duke Public Speaking Club (DSC) formerly Duke 2LA is a student run organization at Duke University. Our mission is to provide training and practice opportunities for Duke students, faculty and staff interested in improving their public speaking and communications skills for formal situations such as interviews and presentations.

DSC fulfills the above mission through:
1. Inviting experts from academic departments and external organizations to hold seminars on public speaking strategies.
2. Giving members practice in pubic speaking at workshops and informal settings.
3. One-on-one tutoring provided by our club’s undergraduate public speaking tutors.

We will work hard to help empower you. See you in the near future!

DSC Constitution

Free Tutoring Service!

An integral part of DSC are its student mentors. The selective group of mentors we have chosen can help you meet your goals. Our mentors who are fluent English speakers can help you prepare for presentations,and provide guidance on general public speaking strategies. Since we are offering this services free of charge the demand for mentors will outmatch supply so the mentors will be assigned first come first serve based on need. We maintain a gmail tutor list with contact info and availability. We have designated tutors to either meet weekly or biweekly depending on the mentees goals. Thanks to the generosity of our mentors we make this possible!

Attention Fellow Duke Students!

Make valuable connections by joining our club. We seek qualified native english speakers to be mentors for our membership. If interested please read the mentor terms of references below.

Mentor System

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Mentor Terms of Reference

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Just let us know whether you want to be a member, tutor, or both in the message box.

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