Sunday:October 18th.

Duke Africa Movie Nights Presents: One Dollar

From the title of the film alone you know that this film is going to have something to do with the US of A, but quite what is not immediately apparent from just looking on the film cover. Nneka lives with her mother and father, and is been put through school by her fiancÚ whom she plans to marry very soon. Her parents really like him as he has put their daughter through school as well as looked after the family financially in other ways. One day a man, called Chief Achebe comes to Nneka's compound and approaches her parents. He has a son that wants to marry their daughter. He shows them a picture and they do not seem impressed. They quickly tell him that it is not possible as their daughter is betrothed to another. Chief Achebe is dassappointed, and mentions that his son is an engineer in America. The turn around is instant. Mama and Papa Nneka exclaim in disbelief, "Amer-EEE-Ka!" All of a sudden Pat, Nneka's fiancÚ is forgotten and they promise their daughter to the chief. It seems that Nneka does love Pat, so they now have the task on their hand in persuading their daughter to marrying the chief's son. America is so romanticised that as soon as even the word America is mentioned, the attitudes of people in the presence of the word, as well as the music in the film changes. Family pressure and guilt is put upon Nneka. It is put to her as if to marry the man in America will be beneficial for ALL the family and for her not to go ahead with it will be an act of selfishness.
5:00PM-7:00PM in the McClendon Tower Media Room (2nd Floor)

The Widow

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