Hudson Hall Engineering Building, Room 125

After entering the building follow the hallway straight ahead to Room 125 at the end of the hall

FCIEMAS Building, Schiciano Auditorium

Enter FCIEMAS from the breezeway across from Twinnie's Cafe. Schiciano Auditorium is directly off the atrium.

Nello L. Teer Building, Room 115

Enter Teer from Engineering Quad and descend one floor to find Room 115.

FCIEMAS Building, Walter M. Mumma Faculty Commons

Enter FCIEMAS at Twinnie's Cafe and proceed to third floor. Mumma Commons is directly above Twinnie's on the third floor.

FCIEMAS Building, Room 1441

Follow directions to Schiciano Auditorium but turn left before entering auditorium and follow hallway to Room 1441.

Parking Garage

Use Science Dr. to access the parking garage.