Duke Debate has been one of Duke's most competitive forensics teams for over sixty years. The team competes in the American Parliamentary Debate League (APDA) with many of Duke's peer institutions. The team goes to 12 to 14 national and international tournaments per year. Last year, Duke was one of the top eight teams at the World Debate Competition in Bangkok, Thailand and one of only three American schools to have teams move beyond preliminary rounds.

INFORMATION SESSIONS AND TRYOUTS: Duke Debate will be hlding two information sessions on Sunday, August 31 and Monday, September 1 at 9pm in West Duke 108B. Tryouts will be held on Wednesday, September 3 and Thursday, September 4 from 6:30pm to 1pm. Each tryout lasts 20 minutes. Please contact Chelsea Goldstein for more information or to schedule a tryout time.