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Making Contacts

Members of the 2002-2003 Undergraduate Gender initiative task force:

Thaniyyah Ahmad - thaniyyah.ahmad@duke.edu

Jess Crawford - jessica.crawford@duke.edu

Nick Christie - nicholas.christie@duke.edu

Sophia Curcio - sophia.curcio@duke.edu

Monique Currie - monique.currie@duke.edu

Ashley Falcon - ashley.falcon@duke.edu

Emily Grey - Emily.grey@duke.edu*

Rebecca Koenig - rebecca.koenig@duke.edu

Ari Medoff - ari.medoff@duke.edu

Gwendolyn Oxenham - gwendolyn.oxenham@duke.edu

Brooke Palmer - brooke.palmer@duke.edu

Kelly Quirk - kelly.quirk@duke.edu

Tara Walker - tara.walker@duke.edu

Donna Lisker - dlisker@duke.edu *

* Denotes Co-chairs of the Task Force