The Duke Mind is a recently revived undergraduate journal at Duke that publishes student work and research related to a wide range of topics in the brain and behavioral sciences. Our goal is to address fundamental scientific and philosophical issues of the mind from a number of different disciplines and perspectives. These perspectives include but are not limited to: behavioral economics and the neural processes of decision making, the influence of new/future technology on our perception of the world, neuroethics regarding methods of brain/mind research and publication, debates about ?hot? neuroscience topics and trends in experimentation, animal models of behavioral disorders, and the cellular biology of synaptic structure. In addition to articles, we will also include features on recently published faculty members and the undergraduates who assisted them in their research as well as publish reviews on current undergraduate research. We hope that The Duke Mind will serve as both a resource for undergraduates who want to narrow or broaden their interest in neuroscience as well as an opportunity for faculty to advertise their research and attract undergraduates to their work.

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