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What can I give to Duke Mock Trial?

Attitude. Duke Mock Trial is a team; collaboration is critical.  By approaching the case with an eagerness to both help others and learn from others, members can create a stronger team.

Commitment. Without commitment, talent is little. Duke Mock Trial competes across the country several times each semester, but in order to reach these competitive tournaments members must devote the necessary time.

Competitiveness. Duke Mock Trial is among the best programs in the country; every member of the program contributes to that level of competition by expressing a desire to win and complementing that desire with action.

Work EthicRegardless of each candidate and member’s background, work ethic is the most important factor in determining success.  Whether in Duke Mock Trial tryouts or the courtroom, willingness to work and improve means more than skill or experience.

What can Duke Mock Trial give to me?

CompetitionThe 2012 National Champions, Duke Mock Trial is one of the most competitive programs in the country. Because of these accomplishments, Duke Mock Trial competes in the best tournaments across the nation, offering members the chance to perform in exhilarating trials.

FriendsWith the hours Duke Mock Trial spends togetherpracticing, traveling, and competing, members form friendships that last far beyond mock trial and even their undergraduate career. Duke Mock Trial is more than just a team; it is a social network.

PerformanceWhether or not members plan to pursue a career in law, Duke Mock Trial teaches invaluable skills in public speaking, persuasion, and critical thinking.

TravelDuke Mock Trial competes in tournaments across the country, ranging from Washington, D.C. to Memphis, TN, New York City, NY to Atlanta, GA.  Members travel several times each semester, and often explore the cities while not competing in trial.

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