Welcome to Duke, Class of 2018!

Interested in joining Duke Mock Trial?

Look out for us at the Clubs Fair in the fall! Once the school year starts, we’ll also post the dates and times of our informational sessions and tryouts on this page and on facebook. These sessions are a great opportunity to ask questions about the program and the tryout process, which will take place in early September.

Too excited to wait until September?

Please feel free to contact our recruitment chair, Mindy McTeigue, at or via Facebook to express interest in joining Duke Mock Trial or ask any questions you might have! In the meantime, scroll below for FAQ’s and info about our program.


What’s mock trial?

Mock trial is, basically, a fake trial. Each year, the American Mock Trial Association releases a case with a problem—someone is suing someone else for negligence, someone is on trial for murder, etc. The case has witness statements, exhibits, and relevant law. Students then play the parts of witnesses and attorneys and come up with a strategy to win the case. They face off against other schools as both the prosecution and defense in front of lawyers and judges, with the hope of securing the right verdict for their client. For more info, check out or our About page

What’s Duke Mock Trial?

Duke Mock Trial is one of the most successful programs in AMTA (and the 2012 national champions!) but more importantly a tight-knit group of individuals who love hanging out with each other. We work hard to develop our skills and win trials, but we also become fast friends. Be it tenting for the UNC game or hanging out in the Duke Gardens on LDOC, you can always find Duke Mock Trialers together having a great time!

I’ve never done mock trial before/don’t have any interest in being a lawyer. I guess mock trial isn’t for me?

Wrong! Many of our most successful mock trialers have never participated before coming to Duke, and study anything from engineering to chemistry to economics. We actively recruit anyone with an interest in not just the law but acting, public speaking, and more. 

Hmm, maybe it is for me then. How do I join?

We’ll be at the activities fair in the second week of school, and hold information sessions shortly thereafter. In the meantime, check this page at the start of school or contact Mindy McTeigue ( to get added to our interest list. We accept freshmen AND SOPHOMORES who are interested! 

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