Nourish International

Nourish International (NI) is a service organization focused on reducing global poverty through student action. NI organizes and runs on-campus student-led ventures to raise money and awareness for and about global poverty issues. The core fundraiser is Hunger Lunch, a cheap $5 lunch held every Wednesday on the Plaza along with music and good times! The funds are then used towards summer projects in every corner of the World. Originally started at UNC, Nourish now has chapters at more than 20 schools.

Our chapter raises funds at Duke to finance and implement grassroots development campaigns abroad. We work hard to help one village each summer and to make a significant difference in peoples' lives. Students in our group go abroad over the summer to assist with and manage the developmental projects, so we get a chance to see the impact of our work and to apply the ingenuity of Duke's students to making a tangible difference in the world. Our group has created three committees to divide the work and increase efficiency.

The Ventures Committee is the fundraising arm of our organization. It functions as a profit-making small business to finance the international project. Members on the committee use innovative ideas that take advantage of Duke's unique campus, culture and giving spirit.

The International Project Committee is the branch of Nourish that focuses on planning for and implementing the summer project. Members of this committee hammer out the details and logistics of the project, and members often lead the project itself.

The Local Engagement Committee works on making a difference for our neighbors in the Durham community. It focuses on nutrition and the resourcefulness of community gardens. We work heavily with SEEDS on our local projects.


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