We are committed to a fundamental restructuring of the relationship between humans and animals. We believe that currently this relationship is a perverted one based on the almost complete lack of regard for the interests and welfare of animals. We believe that this lack of regard is not simply a minor issue, but rather is a fundamental breach of our ethical duty toward other beings. We believe that the infliction of suffering on animals is unjust in the deepest sense of the word, and further that until this oppression ceases, no human society can be called “just.” We seek justice for animals by ending the primary practices that harass them: the eating of animals; the use of animals in scientific or medical laboratories; and the destruction of the environment.

Toward these larger ends we have two primary purposes as an organization. First, we seek to educate the Duke populace as well as the larger Durham public concerning the systematic cruelty that animals are subjected to on a daily basis. Second, we seek to act on this knowledge by implementing change at the local level, by a combination of grassroots organizing and nonviolent lobbying.

We have three projects in particular that we are working on, though by no means should this be regarded as an exclusive list of our concerns and interests.

1) Ending the use of live pigs in the Duke School of Medicine’s cardiac clinic. Numerous studies have indicated that live pig subjects are inferior to alternative methods, and Duke is the last of the Top Ten medical schools to continue this practice.

2) The elimination of factory-farmed pork products from Smithfield Meats from the Duke campus. While all factory farming is cruel and should eventually be eliminated, the practices at Smithfield Meats are particularly egregious, and also involve threats to the health of its labor force and the environment.

3) Partnering with the animal shelter in Durham (the Animal Protection Society) to help raise funds and organize volunteers for local cats, dogs, and other animals housed at the shelter.

For more information please contact Stefan Dolgert at spd5 @ duke {DOT} edu or 602-793-9397.