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Who we are

Duke University SafeWalks (DUS) was originally conceived in response to student concern about campus safety. Duke University was the only institution of its caliber that lacked a viable escort program. In August 2004 Deirdre Hess (’05) and Melissa Richer (’07) began working together and after much help from the Women’s Center and various members of the administration, the two were able to put together an Executive Board in December. In March, we were charted by Duke Student Government and the Community Service Center. By mid-spring, DUS comprised 40 volunteers and an 8-member Executive Board as well as a PR (advertising) Committee.

DUS has worked extensively with the Duke University Police Department, the Women’s Center, Residence Life and Housing Services, the Duke Card office, Campus Services, Dr. Larry Moneta and President Broadhead, among many others. We would like to extend our thanks to them for helping DUS get off the ground successfully. However, in the end, the real credit goes to the dedicated students who endeavored to make DUS a reality.