Established in 1954, Major Attractions is a committee of the Duke University Union, a student-led programming body.  Our purpose is to bring major musical and comedic acts to campus.  As students, we strive to showcase a diverse selection of performers and to produce quality, professional shows.  Major Attractions has been responsible for bringing artists of the caliber of The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, and Simon and Garfunkel.

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Major Attractions committee and friends after the N.E.R.D and Kid Cudi show in Cameron, 2010.

FRONT ROW (left to right): Rachel Simon, Liz Turner (chair), Emily Liu, Alice Yen, Yi Zhang, Cha Goonewardene (alum), Vincent Ling (alum)

SECOND ROW (left to right): Jake Wilkinson, Julia Hawkins, Jenna Goldring, Ali Lebow, David Houck, Ryan Genkin, Karen Chen, Michelle Cho, Mike Roth, Josh Tangney

THIRD ROW (left to right): Jeremy Von Halle, Elliot Johnson, Jake Stanley, Kyle Fox (advisor), Zach Perret, Holly Little, Zach Harris, Adam Hinnant, Dylan West

LAST ROW (left to right): Pablo Valdivia

NOT PICTURED: Michael Kahn, Liz Avila