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The dynaMix installation is an interactive space with nine web-enabled cameras that stream data to a central server. Simple image processing techniques that focus on the basic mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) are used to localize motion in the space. The location and amount of movement generates a dynamic soundscape that is controlled by participants in the space. The physicality of the movement and the emotional impact of the music generated by the installatin captures the imagination of visitors and encourages them explore and develop an understanding of the technical aspects of the system.

Interactive Kiosks

Multiple interactive kiosks located in the installation space will educate visitors on the image processing pipeline and allow them to make changes and create personalized audio streams. The image processing algorithms are linear processes that can be represented graphically in a flow chart with functional blocks representing the basic mathematical operations. A graphical programming interface allows users to modify the processing pipeline and implement custom mappings between sound and motion.

Web Presence

The dynaMix web portal makes the installation accessible outside of the museum. The site allows remote users to interact with the installation, download software, and share ideas. The online community is able to provide feedback and support to users and giving this project a much broader impact.



In the Duke Studio now: