External Communications Committee (ECC)

part of the MBAA Communications Cabinet

Welcome to the ECC web site! This site will tell you more about the External Communications Committe and our objectives within the MBAA. Additionally, we plan to keep this site updated with the latest information on our current projects, links to committee members, and links to resources we provide, such as the media contact list for Fuqua students.

The ECC is co-chaired by Jen Pogue and Sarah Reinstein. It is part of the MBAA Communications Cabinet, headed up by Judith Cohen. The ECC is made up of 3 sub-committees:

Please see the sections below for more information on the goals and projects of each sub-committee.

Also, if you have ideas about potential projects that involve external groups, please contact us. We would be happy to work with you to get them underway or refer you to Fuqua administrators who can get involved.

Please feel free to contact any one of us with questions about the ECC.


ECC Overall Committee Objective:

To ensure effective communication between the Fuqua full-time student body and external groups in order to improve the image of Fuqua. Specifically, our objective is to improve and sustain communications with prospective and admitted students, alumni, and the media.


Alumni Relations Sub-Committee

Goal: To develop and improve communications between alumni and students, specifically to improve the networking opportunities available through the alumni network and to increase alumni involvement with Fuqua.

Fall 1999 Projects

Carolyn Fendelman


Student Relations Sub-Committee

Goal: To work with the admissions office to improve the image that Fuqua protrays to potential and admitted students

Fall 1999 Projects

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Media Relations Sub-Committee

Goal: To build and sustain relationships with local and nationwide media in order to facilitate communications of major Fuqua student events and ensure maximum media coverage; promote the Fuqua image with a focus on student life and consistency with our new brand strategy.

Fall 1999 Projects

For media contact information, contact either Iain Bamford or Jen Barnard.