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Trip to Kings Dominion

Sunday, April 17

Kings Dominion

For only $15, Edens residents got:
- A ticket to the amusement park
- Deluxe Coach bus transportation to and from the park
- Food Vouchers while in the park
- Plenty of food for the bus ride there and back
- A small souvenir/prizes for the ride home for attendees on the bus

First Annual Edens Blackjack Tournament!

Tuesday, 3/8 10pm-Midnight | Wednesday, 3/9, 10pm-Midnight | Wednesday, 3/23, 10pm-Midnight


Edens 1A Commons

At the end, the top 7 players with the highest chip dollar amount all received a prize and played in a round to see who would get to play against some of our top administrators (Larry Moneta, Dean Sue, Dean Eddie Hull, Dean Joe Gonzales).

After this, the top 3 students all won prizes. This was an awesome event. All Edens residents were encouraged to come and participate.