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Overview of Courses

The Program in Education offers courses and supervised field experiences for students interested in examining critical issues in our society related to education. Classes generally are small, and several seminars are offered each semester. Students discuss and debate educational issues related to schooling, teaching, learning, parenting, human development, educational policy-making, and educational goals for the twenty-first century. These courses also prepare students for the civic responsibilities they may encounter as parents and community leaders.

Education courses are registered as social science electives and can help undergraduates to complete the general studies requirements of the undergraduate curriculum of Trinity College. Many Education courses also address the Ethical Inquiry and Cross-Cultural Inquiry requirements of Curriculum 2000. Education courses may also be useful as an introduction to special areas of graduate study in related social science disciplines. Independent studies are available in which a student and professor work together, one-on-one, on a selected research problem. Independent studies and Education seminars meet the undergraduate requirement for small group learning experiences.

Most education courses provide students with supervised service-learning experiences directly related to their academic coursework. Through the cooperation of local public and independent schools, several types of service learning experiences are available. Students who are interested in education either as an area of general studies, as a possible career, or as preparation for graduate work may benefit from participating in a school-based field experience. Service learning opportunities include individual and group tutoring, work with special children, and career apprenticeships in the schools. Students report that these service learning experiences are a meaningful way to learn about the Durham community in particular and education in general.

The Program in Education offers two teacher preparation programs leading to eligibility for North Carolina licensure to teach at either the Elementary or Secondary school level. The program also offers an interdisciplinary certificate program in Early Childhood Education Studies.

Interested students should visit the Program in Education Office at 213 West Duke Building, East Campus or contact our office: pie@duke.edu, (919) 660-3075