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1) What is the Eco-Olympics?

The Eco-Olympics is an energy, waste and water reduction competition between the dorms on East Campus.

The competition is made up of a series of events geared towards education and impact reduction. When students participate in an event, they earn points for their dorm and have the chance to win awesome prizes themselves.

The dorm that wins the most of the dorm vs dorm competitions will be crowned champions at a

Party with President Brodhead!
With cake from Mad Hatters and ice cream from Ben & Jerry's!

2) Getting started...

Rules of the Game

Schedule of Events


For RAs

Score Card

3) Up for Grabs...

  • An iPod Nano, donated by Duke Stores!

  • The ULTIMATE tent for K-Ville

7 pm
Nov 16th

Who Killed the Electric Car?
Film showing in Love Auditorium (LSRC).  Win bonus points for your dorm!


5 pm
Mon, Nov 20th

March of the Penguins - Film showing about Antarctica's emperor penguins in the White Lecture Hall on East Campus.  Win bonus points for your dorm.  Door prizes donated by Duke Stores will be given out to lucky viewers!
Online Impact Survey!! Take the Survey to win an iPod Nano or an iTunes Gift Card and earn points for your dorm. (survey requires NetId login)



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Last Year's Champion:

Wilson Hall

Check out the results
of past year's competitions:

2005 - Wilson Hall  

2004 - Aycock Hall

2003 - Aycock Hall

2002 - Giles Hall

Sponsored by:
Environmental Alliance ~ Facilities Management Department
East Campus Council
~ Duke University Stores ~ Nicholas School of the Environment