Diversity, Equity & Inclusion



We live, learn, and work in a world that is increasingly diverse, and it’s our diversity that adds depth, richness and excitement to the experience of being a part of the Duke community.  

As the demographic landscape continues to shift and expand on both a national and global level, so too the opportunities to expand our individual and collective knowledge, understanding and skills for working effectively with people who may have different world views, perspectives, backgrounds, values and experiences than our own. Creating a climate where everyone feels valued, respected and included is more important than ever.


"Faculty and students benefit most by interacting creatively and productively with the widest
possible range of individuals, ideas and peoples. We seek to model and teach that the range of
human differences in the classroom, in the hospital, and in our laboratories matters
at Duke and in the world."

Making a Difference – Duke’s Strategic Plan


How We Can Help

We offer wide-ranging services that help address questions such as these that can arise in the minds of managers and staff alike:

  • How do you work successfully with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, age groups, work experiences, values and beliefs?
  • How can our differences and similarities be understood and leveraged?
  • What does it take to tap the creativity and innovation inherent in a diverse team environment?
  • What are the skills required to harness the power of multiple viewpoints and different life experiences to increase innovation, creativity and high performance results?
  • What are the qualities of a work culture and climate where diversity not only survives and is tolerated but also thrives and flourishes?

We partner with leaders, managers, faculty, staff and administrators across Duke University and Duke University Health System to address questions such as these in order to help create a climate where people, across all of their differences and similarities, truly feel that they have a "place at the table" that really matters.

When we understand, respect and utilize the collection of similarities and differences available in the Duke community and tap our diversity to creatively solve complex problems and address shared goals, the possibilities are limitless.

Consultation, Workshops, Seminars, and Classes

The kind of support we can provide to departments, units, or divisions of Duke University and the Duke University Health System can take many forms and is always tailored to the particular circumstances and needs that may exist at any given time. Our involvement, once initiated, begins with consultation with the leaders and together we create a plan that is sustainable in the work environment. The following workshops/training sessions are some of the titles offered by OIE. They can be conducted individually or as part of a series:

  • Enhancing Respect in a Diverse Workplace
  • Building Bridges and Teams across Generations
  • Identifying and Reducing Subtle Bias
  • Challenging Dialogues at Work: Race, Sex, Religion
  • Micro Inequities
  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Socioeconomic and Status Difference
  • Multicultural and Intercultural Development
  • Implicit Association Awareness
  • CultureVision™ and Diversity and Inclusion (CultureVision™, is an online healthcare based database system that provides access to information for more than 70 ethnic, cultural, and ability groups)
  • Identity Development and Culture Center Awareness (Culture/Identity Centers – include but are not limited to race and ethnicity, gender, faith, sexual orientation, and multiculturalism)
  • Strategies that Support Diversity and Inclusion Development – Senior Leadership Engagement

If you are interested in tapping the expertise of our office for the area you manage, you can contact Paul James, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion division of our office. He will direct you to the most suitable resource person on our staff for the desired areas of growth and enhancement.