Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Award

* * * We are now accepting nominations for the Spring 2015 EDI Award * * *

The Office for Institutional Equity is committed to recognizing individuals and teams making significant contributions to enhance diversity within the Duke community and has established the "EDI" Award (Equity, Diversity & Inclusion), which is presented twice a year during the spring and fall. The award recognizes exceptional commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion through the development of, or involvement in, tangible strategies, projects and initiatives. Recipients are chosen from among staff or faculty who have demonstrated such a commitment by leadership in helping create a more diverse and inclusive environment within the Duke Community.

Please click on the thumbnails below to download the flier and the nomination form. The deadline for nominations is November 10, 2014.

EDI Call for Nominations EDI Nomination Form

Spring 2014 EDI Winners

The Spring 2014 award was shared by four recipients: Abdullah Antepli, Chief Representative of Muslim Affairs; Kenyon Railey, MD, Instructor at Duke Physician Assistant Program; Duke International Nurses group; and the team at Academic Resource Center.

Duke International Nurses
Duke International Nurses

Dr. Kenyon Railey
L – R: Kenyon Railey, MD, Bob Crouch

Spring 2013 EDI Winners

The winner of the 2013 Spring award is the Duke Raleigh Hospital Diversity Leadership Team (DLT) and all of its members. This past year the team was led by Chair Maria Tucker of the Diabetes Center and Vice-Chair Hai Ly Burk of Case Management. In his nomination, Dr. Rick Gannotta, the president of the hospital, stated that diversity is one of the core values at Duke Raleigh Hospital, and "this team is committed to upholding this value. The DLT is very interactive, creative and thinks 'out of the box': working together to create a culture of diversity and inclusion not only with our staff, patients and visitors, but throughout the Triangle."

2013 Spring EDI Winners

Fall 2012 EDI Winners

The Fall 2012 award was shared by two recipients: Four members of the Pratt School of Engineering Leadership Team–Martha Absher, Constance Simmons, Lupita Temiquel-McMillian and Marnie Rhoads–and Gerald J. Harrison, Associate Athletic Director/HR, of the Department of Athletics.

Pratt School of Engineering Leadership Team
L - R: Ben Reese, Martha Absher, Constance Simmons, Lupita Temiquel-McMillian, Marnie Rhoads, Bob Crouch.

Gerald Harrison
Gerald Harrison (left) and Bob Crouch (right)

Spring 2012 EDI Winners

The winners of the Spring 2012 award are Dr. Paula McClain, Dr. Kerry Haynie and staff of the Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in the Social Sciences (REGSS).

L - R: Dr. Kerry Haynie, Dr. Paula McClain and Bob Crouch of OIE

Fall 2011 EDI Winners

The recipients of the fall 2011 award were the members of the MADIN II "Making a Difference in Nursing" Program of the Duke University School of Nursing. MADIN II is a federally funded workforce diversity project committed to developing the next generation of minority nurse leaders.

L - R: Bob Crouch of OIE, Dorothy Powell, the project director of MADIN II, Brigit Carter, Julie Cusatis, Terry Ward, Alison Vorderstrasse, Eleanor McConnell, Paul James of OIE, Michael Relf

Spring 2011 EDI Winner

L - R: Bob Crouch, Office for Institutional Equity, award recipient Professor Lucy Reuben and Dean Bill Boulding of the Fuqua School of Business

2010 EDI Winner

L - R: Kathy Parker, Judy Seidenstein, Jacqueline Brown and Douglas Vinsel Duke Raleigh Hospital

2009 EDI Winners

L - R: Douglas Vinsel, Maria Tucker, Kathy Parker, Robert Crouch, and Adrain Dixon Duke Raleigh Hospital

2008 EDI Winners

L - R: Dr. Charles Becker, Marlena Scarborough, Beverly Kavlock, and Rev. Adrian Dixon
(Dr. Kimberley Evans is not shown)