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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Award

* * * We are now accepting nominations for the Spring 2015 EDI Award * * *

The EDI Award recognizes individuals and groups across the University and DUHS for exceptional leadership and commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. Recipients of this semi-annual award have demonstrated behavior that illustrates leadership in and commitment to diversity and inclusion within the Duke community.

Please click on the thumbnails below to download the flier and the nomination form:

EDI Call for Nominations EDI Nomination Form


Diversity Newslinks is a monthly web-based publication of the Duke University Office for Institutional Equity and provides up-to-date information related to issues of diversity, inclusion and cultural competence in healthcare, higher education and areas that impact our workplaces and communities. We cover a broad range of topics and provide a balance of theory and practical advice. Monthly book reviews are also included in each issue. With the March/April 2012 issue we have moved from an emailed pdf format to the new web-based one. The past issues are still available on the back issues page. We notify our subscribers by email when a new issue is released. You can subscribe by following these instructions.

Diversity Toolkit

This "Diversity Toolkit" has been compiled as part of OIE’s ongoing effort to provide resources to the whole Duke community, including all staff, faculty, and students across the University and the Health System. Each and every one of us carries responsibility for our workplace culture and educational climate at Duke. The toolkit can be used as an adjunct to the educational programs OIE already offers to departments and teams, or as a resource in developing strategies and plans to improve inclusion and engagement within a new initiative. The Diversity Toolkit provides links to publications (books, journals, reports, etc.), as well as links to electronic sources (websites, blogs, etc.). In the rapidly evolving field of diversity and inclusion, it is critically important that higher education and healthcare professionals keep abreast of research, new theories and approaches to diversity and inclusion, as well as strategies to enhance equity and high performance within the educational, healthcare and work environments of Duke. We will regularly expand the resources within this Diversity Toolkit, so we hope that you will visit it often and share its content with your colleagues. We also welcome your feedback about its usefulness and/or other resources that we might include.

Coaching Clips

Coaching Clips are short informational video vignettes on a variety of diversity topics designed to be used for individual viewing, training sessions, meetings, employee orientation and other similar activities. The Clips also serve as information and reinforcement of concepts and strategies that help to perpetuate and sustain a climate of diversity and inclusion.