Ada Gregory, Ombudsperson


Ombudsperson services are available to all students.

Undergraduate, graduate, and professional students may call Ada Gregory in the Office of Interdisciplinary Programs at 919-684-6334.

School of Medicine students and faculty may contact
Dr. Jean Spaulding at 919-668-3326.

Faculty members should contact Dr. Jeffrey Dawson at 919-613-7811.

The Ombudsperson Role

  • Provides a neutral, safe, and private environment to talk
  • Listens to concerns and complaints and discusses appropriate options
  • Helps to evaluate those options
  • Assists students in resolving problems
  • Mediates conflicts, convenes meetings, engages in "shuttle diplomacy"
  • Refers students to appropriate campus resources
  • Provides information about university resources


What the Ombudsperson Does NOT Do

  • Adjudicate or participate in formal university grievance processes
  • Determine guilt of any party in a dispute
  • Get involved in any formal litigation or testify in court
  • Provide legal advice
  • Assign sanctions to individuals
  • Replace the function of any official university office, department or process
  • Keep records of students and/or conversations


Examples of Services Provided by an Ombudsperson

  • Helps resolve or mediate a dispute with an individual or group.
  • Helps decide how to approach a person who you think is causing a problem.
  • Discusses how to approach a fellow student who has made an offensive or insensitive comment.
  • Assists when you are uncertain what Duke policies or procedures apply to your situation.
  • Assists when you don't know what individual or university department is appropriate to go to for an answer to a specific question or to obtain a particular service.
  • Helps when you feel as if you have been unfairly treated by anyone on campus.
  • Engages in "shuttle diplomacy" to solve a problem between you and a student/employee.
  • Helps you evaluate and select among a variety of options to address a concern with a fellow student or department
  • Helps resolve or mediate a non-grade- or non-evaluation-related dispute with a faculty member.
    Please note: The ombudsperson will report all concerns about discrimination or harassment, including sexual and related misconduct, to the Office for Institutional Equity and/or the Office of Student Conduct.