Leadership Statements on Diversity


Richard H. Brodhead
President, Duke University

"I can imagine an ideal university, a place where students, employees and scholars come together from different continents and states, different religions and political viewpoints, different races and classes. In this place, these differences are the source of curiosity and robust, respectful debate, not of division and alienation. The people of this place seek out and intellectually engage those who are different to help see their own thoughts more clearly."


Victor J. Dzau
Chancellor for Health Affairs
CEO, Duke University Health System

"In order for us to realize our passion for change, there must be a strong and widespread movement to tackle the inequalities and barriers. For medical schools and health systems, their roles are to change the environment, culture and attitudes of the workplace, of their workforce, and to increase diversity of its employees, trainees and faculty and, most importantly, of its leaders. To be successful, it is imperative that commitment must be made at the highest level. Diversity happens when institutional leaders support diversity."


Peter Lange
Duke University Provost

"In the 2006 strategic plan, Making A Difference, we stated our commitment to diversity in all parts of the Duke community--students, faculty and staff alike--as both an ethical responsibility and a practical interest. Changes in our own community and in the world at large demand that we take a multi-pronged approach to our own commitments to assure that different cultures and differing perspectives are not only represented in our community but that they also intersect and interact, and that we strongly promote mutual respect for and mutual learning between all who work, study and learn here."


Benjamin D. Reese, Jr.
Vice President for Institutional Equity
Chief Diversity Officer

"No university in today's environment can rightfully count itself among the great learning institutions without fully engaging the breadth of creativity and varied perspectives of all of its employees."