Educating Students to Eliminate Eating Misconceptions

ESTEEM peer educators organize and lead programs, activities, and media campaigns that put a spotlight on nutrition and body image issues on campus. ESTEEM works closely with the Student Health dietitians to learn the facts about nutrition. They educate students and debunk nutrition myths through nutrition and body image programming. Some of the activities that ESTEEM members might participate in include:

  • Presenting a program on Women’s or Men’s nutrition to a student group.  
  • Promoting balanced nutrition by distributing information during National Nutrition Month.
  • Speaking at Unheard Voices – a forum for students to talk about their experiences with disordered eating.

ESTEEM also organizes Duke's Celebrating Our Bodies Week (nationally known as Eating Disorders Awareness Week), a week devoted to promoting a culture that accepts different body types and encourages eating to optimize health.



Our goal is to provide accurate information on nutrition, disordered eating, body image, and healthy weight management. We promote a healthy lifestyle and strive to challenge unfounded social norms.

Goals and Objectives

  1. For ESTEEM to be a self-sufficient student led organization with SHC Office of Health Promotion office serving as advisors.
  2. To provide accurate and timely information on nutrition, eating disorders, disordered eating, body image, and healthy weight management through outreach programming, events and individual contact.
  3. To challenge eating and body image misconceptions no campus through the use of the EBIC network and media campaigns.
  4. To have increased visibility on campus and be recognized as leaders in the field of eating and body image issues.

For more information contact Anna M. Lutz at or 684-2757.