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Faculty Viewpoints on Terrorism

The opinions expressed in these commentaries are those of individual faculty and not of Duke University. The commentaries are copyrighted by each author and may be reprinted only with the author's permission.

Faculty are invited to submit commentaries, and instructions are available at the bottom of this page

  • Arms and the Law 10/18/01
    • Scott Silliman - Director
    • Center on Law, Ethics and National Security

Instructions for Contributors

One function of the university in a democratic society is to further debate and understanding of public issues, both inside and outside the academy. In order to deepen understanding of the September 11 attacks in New York and Washington D.C., and their broader implications, the faculty of Duke University offer this collection of commentaries.

  • Please submit commentaries as ASCII text documents or HTML files.
  • Each submission should include at the top a headline of no more than ten words that will become the link to the document
  • Following the headline should be the author's name, title, school affiliation and e-mail address
  • Submissions may be any length, but if the author wishes the contribution to be considered as a newspaper op ed, length should be no more than 800 words
  • It is suggested that links to relevant online documents be included in the commentaries
  • Commentaries may be e-mailed as a message or attachment to acouncil@duke.edu
  • For further information or assistance, contact Keith Lawrence <keith.lawrence@duke.edu> in the Duke News Service

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