Duke University Chapter
Students for a Free Tibet


We are honored to present
A Seder for a Free Tibet Dinner
in conjunction with
A Lecture by Photojournalist Steve Lehman
A Panel Discussion "Saving Tibet"

A Benefit Concert to Aid a Tibetan Refugee
during the week of April 2-6, 2001

Organized by Duke Students for a Free Tibet and Duke Hillel

Schedule of Events:

          Thursday April 5th 2001
          6:00 pm
          Freeman Center for Jewish Life

The Seder for a Free Tibet dinner, to be served Thursday, April 5th in the Freeman Center for Jewish Life, is the focal event of this weeklong effort to raise awareness about the struggle of the Tibetan people and to promote discussion about how to help these people. The Seder dinner is a traditional part of the celebration of the Jewish holiday of Passover; an important part of the tradition of Passover is remembering the hardships that confronted the ancient Jews in Egypt and offering help and support to people enduring similar hardships today. This particular Seder dinner will focus on the suffering of the Tibetan people under Chinese occupation during the last 50 years, and the Hagaddah of the dinner will seek to explore parallels between the plight of the Ancient Jews as they were exiled from Egypt and the plights of the Tibetans currently living in exile from their homeland. The dinner will be open to all members of the Duke Community, with priority space given to Duke Students.

          Wednesday April 4th 2001
          7:00 pm
          Social Psychology Room 136, West Campus

Steve Lehman is a photojournalist and Duke Alumnus who's recent publication of photographs entitled The Tibetans received the 1999 "Best Book Award" from "Pictures of the Year," the nation's most prestigious photography award. Lehman began his career in journalism in 1987 when his photographs broke the story of the first contemporary unrest in Tibet. His work has appeared on the front pages of nearly every major newspaper in the world, including the New York Times and the Washington Post. During his multimedia lecture, scheduled for the evening of April 4th, 2001, he will be showing some of the most poignant photographs published in his book and explaining the context of the photographs and his own motivation for capturing the oppression of the Tibetan people on film.

          "Economic Development in Tibet and Environmental Conservation":
          Thursday April 5th 2001
          4:00 pm
          Social Psychology Room 136, West Campus

The focus of the panel discussion will be academic discourse on economic development initiatives in Tibet (like the BP Amoco/Petrochina pipeline) and their implications for environmental conservation and human rights in Tibet. Potential participants in the panel discussion include: John Hocevar - National Director of Students for a Free Tibet, Jamyung Norbu - former head of the Tibetan Youth Congress, Ralph Litzinger - Professor of Cultural Antropology at Duke University, and Erin Potts - founder of the Milarepa Fund. The panel discussion will take place Thursday afternoon at 4:00 p.m.

          Friday April 6th 2001
          8:00 pm
          The Coffee House, East Campus

The purpose of the concert, which will consist of performances by local bands, is to bring the Tibetan issue into the consciousness of Duke students through a media that is popular and enjoyable. The event will take place at the Coffeehouse and will be free and open to the public. Donations will be accepted to provide education, food and shelter for a Tibetan refugee child.

For directions or further information, please contact us!

Michael Baumrind
(919) 613 0202
Kim Novick
(919) 613 2443

[HH the Dalai Lama] Each of us must learn to work
not just for his self or her self, family or nation,
but for the benefit of all mankind.
Universal responsibility is the real key to human survival.
- His Holiness the Dalai Lama

[the Tibetan Flag]

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