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Froshlife FAQ

Much as we'd love to give you carte blanche to be as edgy as you'd like, the legal guys said we had to post these caveats--but don't worry; the real fun is finding creative ways around them.

  • What is Froshlife?
    Froshlife is a digital video event for first-year students sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs, the Office of Information Technology, and Apple Computer. Participants depict some aspect of their student life and get to experience the ease and power of digital moviemaking. We give your dorm-based team the computers, cameras, editing software, and training; all you have to do is script, cast, film, and edit. At the end, the Froshlife iMovie Festival will show off team submissions at a premiere in Richard White Auditorium. Plus, the top entries (as decided by a panel of judges) will win highly desirable prizes for themselves and their dorm.
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  • Who is eligible to participate?
    Only Duke first-year students may participate and are eligible for prizes.
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  • What are the rules?
    Read the complete rules here. Rule violators are subject to disqualification.
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  • Do I have to be adept with computers to be a part of Froshlife?
    No! Froshlife is a team-based event that allows you to contribute your strengths and interests to the project. There's room for everybody on your Froshlife team.
    • Extrovert? Great! Put yourself in front of the lens and mug for the camera.
    • Got a great imagination? Draw up a storyboard and propose the story to your team.
    • Organization nut? Be the head of production on your crew and keep people on task.
    And of course, if you're into technology and want to get your hands on some awesome equipment and software, this is the place to do it!
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  • How do I get on a team?

    At the dessert breaks, you can express your interest by filling out the sign up form. If you missed us, you can still fill out the interest form here. You're not obligated to participate; we'll just add your name and e-mail to the list of people from your hall that are also interested, and put you in touch with each other. (Don't worry; we won't spam you) From there on out, it's up to you to form your team.

    Only one team per dorm is allowed. Don't worry if you don't know the other people who want to do Froshlife in your hall -- you'll get to know them over two weeks of crazed moviemaking! You and your team will need to meet, agree on the movie you want to shoot, pick roles and jobs for all each teammate, and plan your project. This is probably the most challenging part of the contest. If you can make it through this, it's smooth sailing to the finish. We'll give you technical support all along.
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  • How much time do we get to make our movie?
    We'll hand out laptops and digital video cameras at the kickoff event in early February. You'll keep the equipment for about two weeks. Check out the calendar for full schedule of dates. All shooting and editing must take place during that time. Feel free to start developing story and script ideas now!
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  • When and how do we turn in our completed movie?
    The completed movies are due, along with all of the equipment, on the last day of the Production Period. Look at this year's calendar for the exact dates. The movies must all be turned in to the Multimedia Project Studio in Lilly Library on East Campus.
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  • Can we use our own editing software, or do we have to use iMovie?
    You may use whatever means you like to edit your movie. If you want to cut it together using duct tape and safety scissors, that's pretty much up to you (but we don't recommend it). Your entry needs to be in the appropriate format so we can evaluate it and compile it for the big premiere in February. Don't worry about the software; it's the vision that counts.
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  • Can we enlist the assistance of friends from other dorms or upperclassmen?
    Not in any significant capacity. Froshlife is a contest about working with the people who live with you - other first-years in your residence hall. This is your chance to do something uniquely frosh and bring glory to your team and hall. Keeping it team- and frosh-based is the best way to do that.
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  • Can we use copyrighted music in the soundtrack of our movie?
    As you create your films for the Froshlife competition, please remember to consider copyright issues, since these films will be publicly available. You have undoubtedly heard about the deep concern (and prosecutions) over file-sharing of music and movies and we want to be certain that the work you create for Froshlife is clearly distinguishable from those activities. If you want to use commercial music in your movie, for example, we need to be sure that your use can be defended under the "fair use" provision of copyright law. Really there are three simple principles that you should keep in mind:
    • Use only short segments of any one piece of commercial music. Your movie will be more effective and less liable to infringe copyright if the soundtrack is varied and each short music clip that you use relates to the overall theme of the scene in which it is used.
    • Try to connect the particular music to the point of the scene for which it is used. Ideally, the music should help the viewer understand the action or the mood of a scene and not merely be a nice accompaniment. Many of the previous competition winners have done this very effectively.
    • If you can find music that is clearly made available for reuse, such as music that carries a Creative Commons license, or if you can get original music that is written and performed by your friends or acquaintances, this is the best alternative and increases the creativity of your work. Consider using Apple's Garageband program at the Multimedia Project Studio to make an original musical statement. You might also consider working with one of Duke's many fine independent bands.
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  • When and where will the premiere take place?
    The date for the premiere is on the calendar page, and will be held at the Richard White Auditorium. We'll place ads in the Chronicle as the time draws nearer. Be sure to invite 100 of your closest friends for a chance to see you on the big screen (and maybe even win a prize)!
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  • What can we win?
    We're not announcing official prizes yet, but last year's event featured great rewards for participants and winning residence halls. All Froshlife team members receive a one-of-a-kind t-shirt (note: special event tees are highly prized items at Duke).

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Questions? Contact the Froshlife Team.