Making the Grade

Wilson (2008)

Second Impressions

Gilbert-Addoms (2008)


Randolph (2008)

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2005 Froshlife Movies

You can now view each of the 2005 Froshlife movies in full. They are encoded in Quicktime format, and require the browser plugin from Apple.

1st place (Best Movie): Jarvis, Duke Blues Congratulations to team members: Matthew Rich, Michael Schaper, Matt Moschner, Jordan Preiss, Orcun Unlu, Hasnain Zaidi, Justin Mahood, Eric Weinstein, Ben Evans, and John Scarborough. 2nd place: Gilbert-Addoms, Wake Up Congratulations to team members: Varun Lella, Chris Destasio, Will Arnold, Patrick Byrnes, David Bergenoahl, David Hankia, Alex Warr, Brett Savers, Samantha Clark, and Stephen Clark.

Best Actor: Michael O'Doherty, Aycock
Best Actress: Laura Anzaldi, Blackwell
Best Editing: Justin Mahood, Jarvis
Best Story: Annie Fleishman, Blackwell
Best Director: David Hankla & Varun Lella, Gilbert-Addoms