Making the Grade

Wilson (2008)

Second Impressions

Gilbert-Addoms (2008)


Randolph (2008)

2011 Froshlife Movies

"Chroma" by Wilson

Three students find what they were looking for at Duke.

Winner of Best Editor - Billy Baumgartner, People's Choice, and Best Movie

"Apples" by Pegram

Boy meets girl meets music.

Winner of Best Actor - Chris Waybill, Best Actress - Amy Taggart, Best Score - Andy Chu

"A Movie" by Brown

Be a nerd, or die.

Winner of Best Story - Mengchao Feng

"Not Two Different" by Randolph

As tensions between Trinity and Pratt students climax, will these two forces be able to unite together against a common threat?

Winner of Best Director - Gracie Lynne

"Duke Through the Lens" by Bell Tower

A Duke student goes on a search for a new roommate, discovering something about Duke along the way.

"The Wait" by Gilbert-Addoms

For how long are you prepared to wait?

"Chasing the Jewel" by Southgate

Devon is on a journey to discover the Jewel of Southgate.

"The Making of a Froshlife Movie at the Last Minute" by Aycock

A movie about the making of a movie at the last minute.