Making the Grade

Wilson (2008)

Second Impressions

Gilbert-Addoms (2008)


Randolph (2008)

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Froshlife Rules

We want you to have fun making these movies - and if you check out the previous years' entries, you'll see that it's possible to have a great time filming Froshlife while still holding to a few simple rules. These rules are in place to make sure Froshlife is a fun and positive experience for students and the audience alike.

As an educational institution, Duke recognizes the value in freedom of expression and creativity, both of which are key to the success of the Froshlife program. Please remember that the finished movies will be watched by a very broad audience (including parents, prospective Duke students, and just about everyone you went to high school with), and that these films will be viewable for years to come on the Froshlife website. So, we ask you to have fun, while keeping in mind that your film reflects back the quality and integrity of Duke students.

  • Your movie must relate in some way to first-year student life at Duke (that's why it's called Froshlife!)
  • No alcohol, drugs, or other activities (either real or simulated) that are not permitted as per the Duke University student code of conduct. Keep the profanity out too, but feel free to bleep all you want.
  • Sexual inuendo or scenes that would portray a violation of the Sexual Misconduct Policy are not permitted. Basically, if you have to ask, it's probably not OK.
  • No violations of local, state, and/or federal law.
  • You are required to get the permission of anyone intentionally featured in your Froshlife film. Dorm team leaders must get anyone intentionally featured in a Froshlife entry to complete the Consent Form, which gets turned in with the final movie. If you are filming in a public location, it's okay if random students happen to get caught in the action, as long as the scene or the shot isn't focusing the movie's attention on any individual.
  • Your Froshlife movie is intended to be completed within your house community during the specified program timelines. One team per house only.
  • Maximum time limit of 7 minutes per movie, including credits. Movies longer than 7 minutes may be disqualified or returned for editing. (We don't want to turn the Froshlife premiere night into a 5-hour Oscar broadcast, okay?) Remember, young Jedi, less is more.
  • The due date for movie submission is non-negotiable. Anything received after this date will not be considered. All equipment provided is also due on the movie submission day, regardless of whether or not your residence hall completed a movie. We are dependent on the good graces of our sponsors providing equipment for us and want to be able to do this again next year. Plus, we know where you live.
  • Final movie files are due in the format outlined in your Survival Guide. Any movies turn in that are improperly formatted may be returned for reformatting.
  • Your movies will be judged with the following criteria to determine the best movie:
    • Relevance to Theme - How well does the movie portray The Freshman Experience?
    • Story - A movie is nothing without a solid script to carry it along.
    • Creativity - The sky's the limit; unique ideas, unconventional formats, and plot-twists are encouraged - keep us guessing.
    • Innovative Use of Technology - The camera and computer should become an extension of your bodies. Flex.
    • Videography - How well is the movie shot? (HINT: Use a tripod!)
    • Editing - Creative and judicious use of various cuts, points of view, and soundtrack are essential.
    • Quality of acting performances - How well do the actresses/actors portray the film's characters.
  • We will also recognize a Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Editor, Best Director, Best Story, and Best Score.

We reserve the right to reject or return for re-editing any submission that doesn't comply with the above guidelines.

Questions? Contact the Froshlife Team.