Grants For Graduate Study And Research Abroad

Project Examples

Projects proposed by recent Duke winners include:

Student Politics in Interwar South America Argentina
An Analysis of AustralianBeach Nourishment Projects Australia
Philosophical theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar Austria
Visualizing Trauma in the Art of Raphael Ortiz and Hermann Nitsch Austria
Water Resources Engineering: Flood Control in Bangladesh Bangladesh
Comparative Analysis of Civic Guard Imagery in the Cultural and Socioeconomic Context of the Southern Netherlands Belgium
Performance of Franco-Belgium Symphonic Organ Music Belgium
Teaching English as a Foreign Language Belgium
An Evaluation of Family Planning Interventions Benin
Aymara Women Leaders: A Documentary Video Bolivia
Bourbon Reforms in Sucre Bolivia
Applications of Tswana Ethnomedicine to AIDS Treatment Botswana
Democratization in Rio: the Impact of the Internet on Clientism Brazil
Environment, Race and Politics in Pernambuco’s Zona da Mata Brazil
Kinship Networks among Rural Migrants to Salvador, Bahia Brazil
Canadian Environmental Policy and International Affairs Canada
Effects of Electricity Deregulation on Economic Welfare in Canada Canada
Efficacy of Health Care Delivery to Recent Immigrants in Canada Canada
The French-Canadian Origins of a New England Community Canada
Politically Conscious Theatre in Post-Pinochet Chile Chile
Agricultural Biotechnology Capacities and Policy Implications China
Elderly Support Services in Rural China China
Matteo Ricci and Chinese Modernity China
The “One Country, Two Systems” Policy in Chinese Foreign Affairs China
The Internet and White-Collar (Bai Ling) Identity China
Colombian Photographic Self-Representation Colombia
NGO Educational and Health Care Initiatives for Children Colombia
The Effects of Land Uses and Nutrient Enrichment on the Gulf of Nicoya Costa Rica
Foreign Investment Conditions in Croatia for High-Tech Multinational Enterprises Croatia
Danish and American Workfarism: Conditions and Policy Prospects Denmark
Integration Policy and Its Effect on Ethnic Minorities Denmark
Race and Community: Relations between Police and Immigrants in Denmark Denmark
Avian Species Richness along a Elevational Gradient Ecuador
The Rounding of the African Diaspora Ethiopia
Theology, Community and Resistance in MesereteKristos Church Ethiopia
An American in Aubergne France
3-D Volumetric Measurement of the Intervertebral Disc in Compression Using Scanning MRI Germany
An Introduction to the Study and Research of Pharmaceutical Biology Germany
German Women and Access to Corporate Leadership Roles Germany
Identity and Social Change in Afro-German Literature Germany
Integration of the Aussiedler explored through Conceptions of National Identity Germany
International Law and the Military Alliances of Europe Germany
Musical Perception: Computer Interpretation and Analysis Germany
Neuroplasticity of Retinal Ganglion Cells and the Process of Recovery Germany
Socially-induced Turning-points in an Elderly Urban Population Germany
Stakeholders Response to German Financial Architecture Germany
Teaching English as a Foreign Language Germany
Public vs. Private Health Care in Greece Greece
Public vs. Private Health Care in Greece Greece
Impact of Long-term Conflict on Gender Relations and Health in Indigenous Communities Guatemala
Social Sector Development Efforts in Honduras Honduras
Cultural Production in Post-Handover Hong Kong

Hong Kong

The Effects of EU Accession on Hungary's Social Safety Net Hungary
Determinants of Mortality and Morbidity in India India
Economic Nationalism and the Cult of the Author Ireland
Emerging Immigrant Literatures Italy
Work on a Novel “Locker 11” Ivory Coast
The Geography of Early Japanese Imperialism in Northern Kyushu Japan
Implementation of Educational Policy Jordan
NATO Expansion and the Baltics Lithuania
Home-based Care for AIDS Patients Malawi
Transnational Migrant Return and its Effects on Malian Communities Mali
American Expatriates in Mexico: A Documentary Film Mexico
Bi-National Business Study and Internship Mexico
Creation and Consequences of “Historia General de los Cosas de Nueva Espana” Mexico
Local Initiatives for Natural Resource Protection Mexico
People and Conservation: Co-Management of Marine Protected Areas in Mexico Mexico
A Sociological Study of Moroccan National Identity Morocco
Anti-Corruption Organizations in Morocco Morocco
Cultural Identity and Musical Experimentation in 1970s Morocco Morocco
Interaction between Language and Gesture Netherlands
Trade and Identity in the Atlantic: Curaçao Netherlands
Chemical and Substrate Cues used by Rock Lobster Puerili during Settlement in New Zealand New Zealand
Traditions and Change in the Performance of the IndusRiverValley Pakistan
Community Outreach and Conservation in Coiba National Park Panama
Ecotourism Development in Panama Panama
Structure and Conservation of Peruvian Bird Communities Peru
Traditional Knowledge in the Cordillero Region Philippines
Contemporary Art in Romania: the Politics of the Avant-Garde Romania
Media, Democracy and National Identity in post-1989 Romania Romania
The Cultures of Memory and Management in Post-socialist Romania Romania
Intellectuals in the Korean Comfort Women Movement South Korea
Teaching English as a Foreign Language South Korea
Rural Women and Forestry Management in Swaziland Swaziland
Teaching English as a Foreign Language Taiwan
Population Management and Income Distribution in Southeast Asia Thailand
Study of Infectious Diseases in Thailand Thailand
Thailand's Tobacco Restrictions: a Matter of Health or Trade Thailand
Utopia and Genetic Technology in Contemporary Society United Kingdom
Adding Labor Standards to Trade Accords: the MERCOSUR-NAFTA Case Study Uruguay
Environmental Management in an Emerging Economy: Case Study of HalongBay Vietnam

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