Grants For Graduate Study And Research Abroad

Other Grants

        Teaching Assistantships

Opportunities to teach English language and conversation classes are available in the following countries: Argentina, Belgium/Luxembourg, Chile, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Korea, Romania, Slovak Republic, Russia, Taiwan and Turkey. Specific grant details and the number of available teaching opportunities vary by country. Please see individual country summaries for details.

        Business Opportunities

Several countries offer Fulbright business opportunities. These include Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Uruguay. Specific information on these opportunities is available in the individual countries summary area of the site.

        Travel Grants

Travel grants are available only to Germany, Hungary, or Italy. They are available to supplement an award from a non-IIE source that does not provide funds for travel or to supplement a student's own funds for study. Travel grants provide round-trip transportation to the country where the student will pursue studies for an academic year, supplemental health and accident insurance, and the cost of an orientation course abroad, if applicable.

        Islamic Civilization Initiative

This program is designed to enhance the knowledge and understanding of Islam and Islamic history and culture broadly defined. Approximately 30 grants will be awarded worldwide to competitive proposals for research and study in any country where there is an American student program and a significant Muslim population. Graduating seniors are encouraged to apply. Candidates at all degree levels will be considered. Language study as a supplement to research is encouraged. Those selected for Islamic Civilization grants will be expected to take part in conferences and other outreach activities after returning home from the grant. See the special instruction in the application. All applicants for Islamic Civilization grants must complete the Islamic Civilization form. Research areas may be historic or contemporary. A Middle East focus is not sufficient to qualify for this program. The program of study or research must have a strong Islamic Studies concentration. Examples of previous projects funded under the Islamic Civilization Initiative are: "Transnational Islamic Intellectual Networks" in Egypt, "Islamic Science and the Modern Arab World," in Kuwait, "Classical Islamic Music," in Morocco, "The Mosque of Sayyida Zaynab: Traditions of Pilgrimage, Trade and Tourism," in Syria and "The Religious and Social Functions of the Sayyid Families of Tarim, Hadhramawt," and "Arabic Language and Qur'anic Readings," both in Yemen.

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