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Earthquake Simulator

Deep in the basement of the Physics Building is a lab with a lot of vibration and a professor who never seems to get rattled.  Students can experience the design challenges in keeping buildings safe, testing materials, and how research often jumps applications (such as the super goop).  There are great opportunities to prepare for the experience and follow up with the online simulator program.

Duke resources available for field trips include:

  • Fit with Standard Course of Study: click here
  • Most Appropriate Age Groups grade 3 and up
  • Number of Students that Can Be Accommodated: 25
  • Pretrip Resources: none
  • Hands-on Activities: using a computer to do experiments (for more go to www.weave.duke.edu)
  • Post-trip Activities: study earthquakes and buildings in earthquakes
  • Map and Directions: <to be added>
  • Contact Information: Henri Gaven 
  • Student’s Perspective on the Lab: click here
  • Link to Lab Web Pages: click here


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