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Human Simulation Lab and Patient Safety Center

The human simulator is a place where upcoming doctors and nurses can go to get experience for critical situations. Many of the medical trainees at Duke go through this simulator. It is also used to research new equipment and principles of teamwork in critical care.

Duke resources available for field trips include:

  • Fit with Standard Course of Study: click here
  • Most Appropriate Age Groups 7th grade and up
  • Number of Students that Can Be Accommodated: 10 in the simulator, others can watch by video feed in a nearby room
  • Pretrip Resources: anatomy, measurements of quantities in tubes, reading graphs
  • Hands-on Activities: Responding to emergency situations on Stan, the human simulator
  • Post-trip Activities: <to be added>
  • Map and Directions Directions
  • Contact Information: Jeffrey Taekman, MD, Duke University Medical Center, Room 4049 (Purple Zone), Durham, NC 27710, phone: 919-684-3661. E-mail: simcenter@mc.duke.edu
  • Student’s Perspective on the Lab: Student Impressions
  • Human Simulation Lab Site


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Human Simulator "Stan"

Working in the lab

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